“aa aa….and the award for the best entertainer goes to Mr.Mastikhor aka Sanjay…clap clap clap…yup hes is full of dat and more…its been more than 12 yrs v ve nt met…thanx to orkut v met…but m sure he has nt changed even a bit…coz its never the people who change only time changes…a person who u can rely on completely for ne thin jus bout ne thin,” BUT AT UR OWN RISK THOH”! he he…ya n the panchmarhi trip is worth a lifetime! cheers my lil champ! let the energy flow and as always make the world go crazy…coz we r known for dat…all the best in watever u do! me chana, will always be there for u! cheers! enjoy! ”


“Here’s a guy is plain simple bt naughty….a total mastibaaz…..Vineet n Sanjay together mean havoc….nt disastrous…bt they wrk as a laughing gas when together…nt dat alone he is incapable of that….hvnt been able to explore him too much coz he seems a little composed on the outside. Bt frm wotevr i knw of ths guy, he’s a great buddy….a very good counseller n an ideal frnd who undestands what u wanna convey evn if u r unable to get ur wrds n thots 2gthr…….nt many ppl r capable of doing dat….jst stay the way u have been always….n evn if u change…jst do so to get better n better only……Happy to hv u as a frnd in life n i hope, for life…..”


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